What they don’t know is that I can fly




I saw a bug crawling in the sand. Curious as I am, I walked up to him to have a closer look. “Hey there, little guy”, I thought. But before I could lay my eyes on him, he surprised me and left me in awe. He revealed his wings and flew away, high into the skies, saying “what they don’t know is that I can fly.”

It was really as though that small creature transferred that thought to me as he took off. “What they don’t know is that I can fly.” The words deeply resonated with me. I grabbed my journal at once and wrote it down. After that, I sat with the thought.

I realized that I, too, can fly. I’ve yet to find the strength to call upon the courage that the bug displayed. Even though I did not expect him to be able to fly, that didn’t keep him from expressing his greatness, his truth.

There is greatness within me that wants to come out. I know I have wings, but for some reason I don’t trust them to carry me. Yet. In a way it doesn’t feel safe to meet the world in all my glory, invested in me by the Most High.

I am fearless when it comes to many things, but the full expression of my greatness, of my purest Self… That is were some deeply rooted fears are holding me back.

And I can tell you, it feels uncomfortable to know you have wings yet to not know exactly how to use them… How to take off… How to soar on the winds of freedom once my feet are high above the grounds that feel comfortable to me now… How to land softly in new places… New places that I’ve known for ages but have forgotten about.

I want to rediscover where my roots lie and what I’m made of by spreading my wings, by gifting the gift that was so graciously bestowed upon me back to the world – through boundless expression and all-surrendering service.

I want to realize with every fiber of my being that Thou art the ground beneath my feet, and all else is false comfort and delusion. No matter how high I might soar, no matter how low I might go, it’s impossible for me to fall.

I will practice flying. I will move on from this awkward in between space of knowing yet not knowing. And what they will know is that I can fly, through courageous expression of my greatness – which is Yours – so that they may find out about their wings, too.

Thank you bug, for reminding me of who I am.

All glory to You.

Thou art the ground
beneath my feet
carrying all steps to the lessons
my soul still needs to learn
Thou art the Life-bearing soil
where all things come from
where all things return
May I be free
in Thee
and all Thou art


Sanjaya serves artists and leading figures by offering healing and expansion through sacred communion and attuned art.

“I’m very sensitive to who is able to work with me and I know that that’s part of my obedience to the Most High. When you came along, it was just a clear yes. You’re able to create and hold a sacred space with your gifts that will feel like a safe haven to many others like me. The communion you offer as well as the art you create is medicine. Thank you, thank you, thank you — I am so full.”

Lalah Delia
World-renowned spiritual educator and bestselling author

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Sanjaya has the honor to help artists and leading figures — amongst whom a world-renowned spiritual educator and a Grammy Award-winning artist — to discover deeper depths of their Self and find greater freedom within, through attuned art and sacred communion.



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