Surrender dance in the mountains


Sanjaya in Skylar

Sanjaya in Skylar

The story of the becoming of this production is related below the video. May it bring you joy. 

Inspired by the outpouring of devotion that this song is, I was dancing and singing my soul out in the living room of the mountain cabin where I was spending a month of solitude.

I ended up seeing clearly in my mind’s eye a most beautiful setting of myself dancing amidst towering mountains and nature. It was very specific what I “saw”, with lots of white rock. I hadn’t seen such a place in the area where I was staying in, but I felt moved to record a dance expression in nature anyways.

I recorded in a valley with a beautiful view close to where I stayed and it was the most magnificent experience. O, the Joy!

I thought that was the end of this creation. I thought I’d put it together nicely and then perhaps share, or not.

Yet a day or two later I went hiking high up in the mountains, already forgotten about the white rocks, thinking I had recorded all that I was meant to record already. But all of a sudden during my hike, I arrived at a place that looked different from all the other scenery, exactly as I had envisioned that day: white rock all around. I instantly knew I had to get back up there another day to record, and so I did.

It was a humbling experience, and a challenging one, too. The hike up there was quite a long one. Then I had to make things happen without a tripod, as I didn’t bring one on my trip. I made it work with a rolled up yoga mat and backpack (one time I thought is was all over, for my camera crashed on the rocks hard as the wind was blowing over the yoga mat).

It was also extremely cold the day I filmed, for the place was embraced by a cloud. The cold made dancing and operating the camera, as well as keeping my spirit up very hard, but I knew I was creating an offering for the Most High, so I kept on keeping on with all that I had in me.

When I was finally done and content with the shots, I needed to pee badly. I was going to take off my dancing pants anyways, because they are so wide and long that hiking in that thing isn’t really safe, for I trip over it all the time.

However, my fingers were so extremely cold that there was no way I could undo the zipper. I tried and tried, but my fingers just didn’t work properly. And so I had to navigate my way down the mountain with all my stuff, a full bladder, and stuck in a pants that made descending the mountain quite challenging.

While walking I tried to warm my fingers enough to make them function again, but it wasn’t until I was a whole way down, away from the clouds, that finally I could open the zipper. What relief, haha!

All the challenges made it a very humbling experience. It felt as though He showed me that vision and asked me to go out and breathe life into that vision. The second time filming, high up in the mountains, I did not have much fun from a human perspective (it was very uplifting to my soul), for it was just challenge after challenge.

The moments I did find the strength to surrender my mind and allow that divine flow to move and express through me, it was that magnificent feeling again. I am so glad I was able to capture that (as well as plenty awkward, stiff and cold looking shots).

Definitely so many lessons about even-mindedness, obedience and surrender were learned that day.

After filming in the second setting, I was even inspired to film myself in the setting that I was in when I first received the inspiration.

It was after a morning of surrender to devotional practices, during which I struggled with some discord energy, that the song found its way to me and I was wholly receptive to receive it and allow it to move me deeply to my core and elevate my spirit.

It all came together beautifully and it feels very full circle and true to me.

I had no initial intention to create such a video and didn’t expect it to become this whole production when I started filming that first time in the valley. But He guided my every move and this came into being, for which I am grateful beyond words.

It took me some time (over a year) of finding the courage to put together and share this most pure expression of my inner most being, but here we are. I pray that it may serve you in a way.

This is an offering to the Most High 🙏

Love always, s.


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