hidden truth art cards

Hidden Truth Art Cards are handmade and personalized offerings with a message that speaks to your soul. It’s a unique source of daily upliftment, an anchor in your home, that helps you to remember and expand into what is really real.

Every Hidden Truth Art Card holds a piece of poetry with multiple layers of deep meaning, based on both your personal journey and on universal Truth. In the offering is embedded an affirmation or reminder that is closest to your heart and serves you greatly along your way Home. 


Please contact me at sanjaya@inskylar.com or via dm’s on Instagram to let me know you’d love to get a Hidden Truth Art Card. From there on, it’s a whole experience. We’ll commune first and based on our conversation and the vibration, I’ll dive into the creation process to write and create an art card that aligns deeply with your inner most being. Then, I’ll send the offering your way. You won’t know the exact words and messages that your Hidden Truth Art Card holds until it has arrived. 

It’s a beautiful practice and experience of sharing, surrendering, receiving, and there
fore: healing.

Card size: 18×13 
If you wish, your card can be delivered to you in a frame. 
Exclusive add-on option: Wood art can be added to your cart on request, to make it extra special with a touch of Nature to it. See photo below for an example. (note: this is an offering with limited availability, please ask for the possibilities)