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Custom spiritualized art for deeply devoted seekers of Self

Sanjaya offers custom Truth-Inspired art based on sacred communion to fellow devoted seekers of Self. 

“I see you, I salute you, I honor you. May you be free.” 

Please send an inquiry below if you’re interested in a personalized art offering that holds vibrations of Truth that speak directly to your soul.

After my conversation with Sanjaya I have clearly noticed a transformation in my body and mind. I feel deeply privileged that I possess an art work created by her, one that ignites deep faith in the path that I am walking. Thank you!

Custom truth-inspired art

All Truth-Inspired Art is a handcrafted and personalized art offering with a message that is deeply resonant with your inner most being. It’s a unique source of daily spiritual upliftment, an anchor in your home, that helps you to remember and expand into what is really real. 

All art offerings hold a piece of poetry with multiple layers of deep meaning, based on both your personal journey and on universal Truth. In there is embedded an affirmation or reminder that is closest to your heart and serves you greatly along your way Home. 

The way Sanjaya turned our conversation into a poem is beyond me. Magical. I will see her words every day. They are a part of me.

Lalah Delia - In Skylar - Testimonial

I’m very sensitive to who is able to work with me and I know that that’s part of my obedience to the Most High. When Sanjaya came along, it was just a clear yes. She is able to create and hold a sacred space with her gifts that will feel like a safe haven to many others like me. The communion Sanjaya offers as well as the art she creates is medicine. Thank you, thank you, thank you — I am so full.

“I’m very sensitive to who is able to work with me and I know that that’s part of my obedience to the Most High. I am the Most High’s channel and the Most High knows the work that I have to do and the reason why I have certain blockages and fear. It is very tender for me, but I want to grow through it, and so I called in help. 

I feel like Sanjaya came into my life in answer to my prayers, because I know that not just anyone can really hold space for me in my healing process in an authentic, pure way. There are a lot of people offering their services — you have no idea how many dm’s I receive on a daily basis  that I had to say no thank you to. I had to be patient. All of what they offered wasn’t for me, but Sanjaya is. When she came along, it was just a clear yes.

Who Sanjaya is and what she does is really resonant to people like me, who live deep devotional lives of service. We want to heal in a most devotional and pure way. 

Purity is something that I hold so near and dear, and sometimes I feel alone in that in the world. You don’t see a lot of that purity, even around most spiritual people. The level of purity and even devotion that I look for, it’s just often not there. But Sanjaya holds it in all she does. I can feel her journey and see she truly has reached a place where she just radiates this authentic purpose and devotion. It’s very resonant with who I am. So, thank you. 

For people like me, we all experience the same things. We often feel like: who can we really, really turn to? Sanjaya can be that safe space that we can really, really turn to. She is able to create and hold a sacred space with her gifts that to many others like me will feel like a refuge, a haven, a monastery even. 

How Sanjaya speaks Truth cuts right through and is right there. She is being obedient to the channel that is coming through her to speak directly to me and say even the things that she knows, but don’t know how she knows. I see it and it’s beautiful. It’s so necessary for us to have someone who can offer that. Sanjaya’s loving directness requires a lot of courage and I have a high respect level for that. Thank you, thank you, thank you — I am so full.  

The sacred communion Sanjaya offers in the safe space she holds, as well as the art she creates, is medicine.”

— Lalah Delia

Lalah is a world-renowned spiritual educator and author of the bestselling book ‘Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power’.

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