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an experience of healing and expansion through sacred communion and attuned art

Sanjaya serves artists and leading figures by holding sacred space that enables them to open up and express their inner most being freely. In this safe vibrational environment, she helps them to discover deeper depths of themselves and find greater freedom within.

Through sacred communion and custom spiritualized art, Sanjaya offers a means to help them expand more into the Truth of who they are and give boundless expression to just that in all that they live and do.

This matters greatly, for an elevation of yourself into more unconditional inner peace, joy, and freedom in Truth means an elevation of all people who celebrate and follow you and what you do. That is how a global shift towards Unity gradually happens, from the top down. It is the highest possible service, to your Self and the world. 

Sanjaya has the honor to serve true great ones  amongst whom a world-renowned spiritual educator and a Grammy Award-winning artist. You’ll find some of their responses at the bottom of this page. 

Sacred communion

The first part of this service is coming together in sacred communion with the intention to open up, release, and remember on deepest levels. In this interaction divine flow is in lead. If it’s hard for you to surrender and open up, Sanjaya is there to help you rest your mind and being in peaceful vibrations. 

“I offer my divine friendship to all who I get to serve. In the safety of such a communion  heart to heart, soul to soul — we can heal and remember who we are in our Purity. I am no one, but a fellow sister who seeks Self unceasingly. With this service, I’m merely offering a safe space to open up and go deeper, an unconditionally loving heart, and personal perceptions of Peace and Truth through the gifts invested in me by the Most High.”

Custom hidden truth art

Based on the sacred communion and the vibration you’re looking to welcome into your life, Sanjaya dives into the creation process to write and create an attuned art offering that aligns deeply with your inner most being.

Hidden Truth Art is a handcrafted and personalized art offering with a message that speaks directly to your soul. It’s a unique source of daily spiritual upliftment, an anchor in your home, that helps you to remember and expand into what is really real.

The Hidden Truth Art holds a piece of poetry with multiple layers of deep meaning, based on both your personal journey and on universal Truth. In the offering is embedded an affirmation or reminder that is closest to your heart and serves you greatly along your way Home. 

You won’t know the exact words and messages that your custom Hidden Truth Art offering holds until it has arrived. So altogether, this service is a beautiful practice and experience of sharing, surrendering, receiving, and therefore: healing.

first responses upon receiving

a tribute to the great ones

Sanjaya has got the honor to work with true great ones, who each help elevate humanity in their own unique ways. To them she reverently says: “Thank you for your brave service to the world. May many more souls be moved by your gifts. I celebrate you for your courage and I bow to the Greatness in you. May you find your way Home. Love always, s.”

Chris Sholar
Chris Sholar@chrissholar
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Chris is a Grammy Award-winning music producer and composer, who has worked with a diverse range of top artists like Stevie Wonder, Beyonce and Whitney Houston.

He is also a brilliant soundscape artist, offering his unique service to empower leading figures, helping them to reform their minds in alignment with their highest aspirations by offering custom frequency meditation journeys based on their personal affirmations. Connect with his work here:
Lalah Delia
Lalah Delia@lalahdelia
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Lalah is a world-renowned spiritual educator and author. She holds immense purity and love, expressing that ever so graciously in all that she lives and does. She has devoted her work to helping others vibrate higher daily.

In that light she wrote her bestselling book called 'Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power' and founded her online school, through which she enlivens spiritual seekers with her teachings. Her work is featured on many large platforms, such as Vogue, Goop and more. Connect with her work here:
Malika Humphrey
Malika Humphrey@humphreyhousestudios1
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Malika is a phenomenal photographer and videographer, based in Sacramento CA, but working all around the country.

She brings visions of artists and brands to life with shots that speak volumes in terms of beautiful stories, light vibrations and purest expressions. She has a gift of capturing the essence of who or what is in front of her lens and takes the beholder of the images beyond. Connect with her work here:

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