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Attuned art that inspires expansion into your Highest Truth

Commissioning Sanjaya, you’ll receive a piece of art that is deeply resonant with your heart. Working with Sanjaya is an experience of expansion that leaves you with an eternal anchor of Beauty, inspired by Truth. Call more inner peace, joy and freedom into your Home and Heart by requesting a commission below.

Sanjaya has had the honor to create for and commune with a world-renowned spiritual leader and a Grammy Award-winning artist, amongst others. Read about their experiences throughout this page.

COmmissioning sanjaya in 3 steps

Step 1

Aligning the vision

Fill out the request form below and Sanjaya will be in touch to talk over your inquiry and vision for the artwork. Prices are discussed during this consultation.

Once Sanjaya accepts your order, you will be sent the terms that apply to the collaboration and details for a 20% deposit in order to secure your place in the commissions calendar.


Step 2

Securing your place

"I’m very sensitive to who is able to work with me and I know that that’s part of my obedience to the Most High. When Sanjaya came along, it was just a clear yes. Purity is something that I hold very near and dear and Sanjaya holds That in all she does. She just radiates this authenticity and devotion. It’s very resonant with who I am.

Sanjaya is able to create and hold a sacred space with her gifts in a way that feels like a safe haven. The communion with Sanjaya as well as the art she creates is medicine. Thank you, thank you, thank you — I am so full."

Step 3

Eternalizing the vibrations

Based on the agreed upon details of the artwork (think: size, medium, visual art or poetry, and such) Sanjaya will commence your piece. Ever allowing herself to be moved by divine flow as she gives herself to the art in the creation process, Sanjaya does not render any predesigned digital versions of your piece. So beforehand, nobody knows what the artwork will look like exactly.

You can choose to receive regular progress updates as Sanjaya breathes life into your piece, or you can choose complete surrender and surprise. Most people choose not to see the work up until it arrives at their homes. That way it becomes a beautiful practice of fully letting go(d).

"It took some time to respond, because I'm actually speechless in many ways. The poem that came through touched me very deeply. It resonated so profoundly. I am truly humbled and amazed at your creativity and your gift. The way you turned our conversation into a poem is beyond me. Magical. I will see your words every day. They are a part of me. Thank you."

first responses upon receiving

“I offer my divine friendship to all who I get to serve through art and poetry. In the safety of such a communion — heart to heart, soul to soul — we can open up, heal and remember who we are. One’s essence, that is what I am looking to eternalize in the commissioned pieces, so the owner feels that Home frequency each day upon looking at the artwork, sinking ever deeper into inner peace, freedom and Truth.

Request your commission

Once you’ve send your request, Sanjaya will reach out to you personally within a week.

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