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Sanjaya in Skylar creates a wide range of artistic designs, all infused with her love for and experience of Truth. Through both visual art, that reaches far beyond just the traditional canvas, and poetry, she aims to express her purest Self limitlessly and thereby to allow Divine Beauty eternalize Itself through her.

Sanjaya in Skylar

Born and raised in a small town in the Northern part of The Netherlands, ever surrounded by an abundance of forests, Sanjaya is often led to create with elements of Nature. “Not limiting my art in any way, and thus embracing all that sparks inspiration within, helps me to give full expression to She who is free in me. Nature inspires me greatly.”

Commissions done by Sanjaya are not just a product from a pure flow of infinite creativity, but also of sacred communion. A most open heart-to-heart is the cornerstone of each commission she creates, which enables her to deliver an attuned artwork that holds the vibrational essence of the receiver’s inner most being and that resonates so deeply that remembrance of the Truth of who you are is sparked. Hence Sanjaya’s reference to her work as an anchor of Truth and a portal to daily deepening inner peace, joy and lightness of being.

Sanjaya: introspection

“As a spiritually devoted being who creates art, writes poetry and shares her life’s story, I wanted to forget about my little self in that process, to truly be able to serve the Highest purpose of my life, beyond all personal fears and limitations. That is why I go by Sanjaya.”

Sanjaya — which means introspection in Sanskrit — is a personage from the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most beloved sacred scriptures from India. In that story, Sanjaya realizes the Highest Truth within himself by observing both Go(o)d and evil, ultimately being able to see the Self, the great I Am. 

“Introspection is what has set me free in many ways. I decided to refer to myself as this highest developed soul quality of mine, with the intention to expand ever more into full realization and expression of Truth. I like that people call me Sanjaya now. it is a constant reminder of She who is free in unceasing oneness with Wholeness, ever nameless.”

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In skylar, the story

In Skylar refers to a state of being and it came into being through a deeply cherished experience. Sanjaya relates the story below.

  “I felt desperately confused and was once more drowning in the familiar paralyzing fears…”

‘In Skylar’ came into being as I was going through the motions of my own journey within.

I’ve always felt there was something Great within me, but I never dared to fully explore and give free expression to what I felt — to the full Truth of who I am. That has changed, by the grace of the Most High. The becoming of in Skylar played a key factor in my journey of learning to express my purest Self limitlessly. Here’s the story.

It wasn’t until I spent a month by myself in the mountains in a foreign land that I was able to reach deeper depths of me, where I could naturally access some newfound layers of that something Great in me. With nothing but the heights of mountains around, I felt safe to express the purity in me, which I felt profoundly, and o so boundlessly. 

A creation that’s now dearest to my heart came to life in that newly discovered state of being. I felt closer to Truth than ever. However, that bliss was short-lived at first…

Paralyzing fear
When I got back home, I lost all connection with that supreme state of being. I felt desperately confused and was once more drowning in the familiar paralyzing fears that bounded me to the past and to smallness. Suffering the suffocation within, I tried to find my way back to that higher state of being. 

In a meditative moment, from the depths of my soul’s yearning, I called upon the energy and presence I experienced during those blessed days in the mountains. It was as though my soul was asking that vibration: do you have a name?

‘Skylar’ flashed before my mind’s eye. I received it as a gift of liberation. 

Skylar means ‘Wise woman, Eternal Life, shelter in the arms of the Divine, beauty, magnetism and love’. All of that is what I so profoundly felt in the mountains.

From then on, ‘in Skylar’ represents an attuned state of being to me, in which you feel utterly free to be and express your purest Self limitlessly. It is the Truth of who you are embodied and expressed, even if just for a moment. To be ‘in Skylar’ is to be rooted a profound sense of inner freedom.

Receiving this term for what I felt, made my experience in the mountains and that state of being more real in daily life as I knew it. As it was something more tangible and permanent now, it gave me the courage to slowly but surely rise beyond my deeply seated fears of being seen for who I truly am: a devoted being, filled with childlike joy, gifted with infinite creativity. It helped me to expand and express in many ways. 

A gift of freedom
It was a gift of freedom, for it was the reason that I started sharing of my purest Self with the world. 

This newfound freedom to express in turn helped me to find my way to more lasting experiences and embodiment of the Truth of who I am — of who we all are. That journey continues ever more, until, by the grace of the Most High, utter freedom of being is attained. That is where I am headed.

I am on my way to utter freedom of being. Join me if you will. Together, we rise!

You are appreciated.
In deepest gratitude,

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