about In skylar

In Skylar represents an attuned state of being in which you feel utterly free to be and express your purest Self limitlessly. It is the Truth of who you are embodied, even if just for a moment. This can be experienced by knowing your Self alone. To knowing our Self, in Spirit and Truth, we are wholly devoted.  

A spiritualized way of being.

You are walking your unique path Home and in all that you live, your priority is your search for Truth and the embodiment of That within yourself. That’s a spiritualized way of being in this world – oh the courage and strength that takes! Brave soul, know this: however challenging your path is, you are not walking alone. We honor you and bow to the sincere seeker in you. Let’s keep rising, together.  


aims and values

Unity through art, limitless expression and community

The aim of sharing my art and expressions is to contribute to the elevation of the human consciousness, by freely giving expression to Purity to the extend It is manifested in me. 

My Highest values are Truth and limitless expression of my purest Self. Realization of Truth creates space for Purity to come to manifestation in us, and so sharing of our purest Self in our every day actions and expressions is a sure way to spiritualize humanity. It leaves traces for others to find their way to Truth and it propels you ever closer to It.

Limitless expression of your Purest Self is a service and a duty to the world as far as I see. It’s a display of both strength and vulnerability and it is what I believe will lead to Unity, within ourselves and amongst each other.

Beyond that, my hope is that my art and being may serve in uniting sincere seekers of all walks of life and spiritual paths, so that we may all have a place to come home to as we are finding our way Home. Many of us feel misunderstood by the world and sometimes even unsafe in it. We often feel alone in the journey and fearful to be seen for all that you truly are. Coming together as a collective will have a greatly empowering effect on all of us and will surely carry us to deeper strength and courage to continue to stride upwards and onwards on our unique spiritual paths always.

Let us lead in Purity, ever fearlessly, standing strong collectively. Together, we rise. 


I am just a fellow sister who seeks Self unceasingly

I go by Sanjaya – which means introspection in Sanskrit – because in oneness with Wholeness I tend to feel nameless. With the intention to expand more and more into realizing the fullness of the One and forget about my little self, I decided to refer to myself as my highest developed soul quality.

But feel free to call me Jaya, or San. 

Sounds like sun, feels like Summer, seen all seasons – though not that many times. I mean, not in this lifetime. Been around the sun countless times. My soul’s learning has been curving through the ages. The only aim Now is to at last remember who She is. It’s my joy to meet you Here!

In this dream of Spirit and Nature dancing together, I just humbly dance, create and rejoice along with Their Divine Dance and share the perspective, art and expressions that flow through me here, in Their honor.

Story of becoming

How in Skylar, referring to a state of being, came to be

‘In Skylar’ came into being as I was going through the motions of my own journey within.

I’ve always felt there was greatness within me, but I never dared to fully explore and give expression to what I felt, to the Truth of who I am. That has changed, by the grace of the Most High. Here’s the story.

It wasn’t until I spent a month by myself in the mountains that I was able to reach deeper depths of me and express that purity boundlessly. 

A creation that’s now dearest to my heart came to life in that newly discovered state of being and I felt closer to Truth than ever. However, that bliss was short-lived at first…

Paralyzing fear
Back home, I lost all connection with that supreme state of being. I felt desperately confused and was once more drowning in the familiar paralyzing fears that bounded me to the past and to smallness. 

In a meditative moment, from the depths of my soul’s yearning, I called upon who I was in those blessed days. It was as though my soul was asking: do you have a name? ‘Skylar’ flashed before my mind’s eye.

Skylar means ‘Wise woman, Eternal Life, shelter in the arms of the Divine, beauty, magnetism and love’. All of that is what I so profoundly felt in the mountains. So to me, Skylar is a name for that state of being. To be in Skylar.

Receiving the name made my experience and that state of being more real in daily life as I knew it. It gave me the courage to slowly but surely rise beyond my great fears of being seen for who I truly am: a devoted being, filled with childlike joy, gifted with infinite creativity. It helped me to expand and express in many ways. It was a gift of freedom, for it was the reason I started sharing of my purest Self with the world.


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