Standing side by side with you

as you courageously walk your path Home. Together, we rise!

Allow that expression of your purest Self to flow freely, dear one. It is safe 🤍

here to serve

Sanjaya has the honor to serve true great ones with her work, amongst whom a world-renowned spiritual educator and a Grammy Award-winning artist.

She offers an experience of healing and expansion through sacred communion and attuned art that helps you to express the Truth of who you are more freely in all that you live and do.


In Skylar represents an attuned state of being in which you feel utterly free to be and express your purest Self limitlessly. It is the Truth of who you are embodied and expressed, even if just for a moment. This can be experienced by knowing your Self alone. To knowing our Self, in Spirit and Truth, we are wholly devoted. 

Dance expression

Surrender dance in the mountains

Inspired by the outpouring of devotion that this song is, I was dancing and singing my heart out in the living room of the mountain cabin where I was spending a month of solitude. I ended up seeing clearly in my mind’s eye…

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Choose peace
Spoken Poetry

Choose peace

It took me some time to realize that peace is something that you have to actively choose, day in, day out. It’s not something that

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together, we rise

It's freedom time whenever you decide it is!